To increase the processing capacities of the rare raw materials deep in the earth

  • Establish a flexible and inclusive consultation process with stakeholders.

  • Support the industrial policy of Latvia and the EU in order to reduce the weaknesses of policy regulation.

  • Foster a deeper strategic understanding, including public buy-in and a forward-looking perspective, on the role of raw materials and advanced materials in the transition to a green and digital economy.

KSIRA sees as its mission to make Latvia more economically sustainable by diversifying its supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investments in the raw material value chain, promoting innovation, training new talents and contributing to the best in the field of raw materials and raw materials circular economy around the world.

The association plans to cooperate with each other and provide access to sustainable raw materials, advanced materials and industrial processing know-how. By 2030, KSIRA’s activities will increase the production of raw materials and advanced materials and address the issue of the circular economy, promoting the recovery and recycling of critical raw materials.

We plan to be partners in the creation of national policy so that Latvia becomes a leader in the region.